Activity Log

Log entries for all activities since the FileSearch application was last launched. The log is cleared when the user exits the aplication.


Displayed In: Main Window
Available Since: FileSearch Version 1.0.0
Online Help: Activity Log.
Located at
Main Window    Activity Log
Window Type
Resizable pane


A screenshot of the activity log pane of the Main window.


Start Time Filter log entries and display only those at or after this time.
End Time Filter log entries and display only those at or before this time.
Search Text Filter log entries and display only those with message containing the given text.
AreAnyTouchesCaptured Gets a value that indicates whether at least one touch is captured to this element.
(Inherited from UIElement)
Log Entries

Log entries for errors are displayed in red color.

Time when the log entry is created.
The item in the folder tree at which the log entry was created.
The text message of the log entry.

Popup Menu


Delete selected log entries. Log entries can be selected by clicking the left mouse button. Holding the control key down to select multiple entries. Holding the shift key down to select a range of entries.

Popup menu for activity log

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